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  • Tim, Setting the ACR Detail parameter to 0 seems to get rid of the Orange Peel effect entirely IMHO.
    Henning, I will be reviewing the M on my blog at when I really feel I have some depth of insight. I have already reviewed the RX-1 in depth, with the final summary at
    Tim Ashley Photography | Sony RX1: Executive Summary, Lazy Readers' Digest, Top Tips
    But I think I can answer your question: the RX-1 is all about image quality. It does not focus fast enough in a wide enough range of lighting conditions to compete with a well-calibrated rangefinder in the hands of an experienced street shooter unless you work mainly hyperfocally. But the lens is extremely good, the EVF is better (as is the way it feels in use) and the sensor seems to me to give results which are certainly better at higher ISO and are probably better at lower ISO if you need a very flexible file for processing.

    But like I say I need a LOT more time with the M!
    I'd be very interested to hear/read what your impressions on the RX-1 are in comparison to the M240, which I've just taken delivery of. My main interests in the RX-1 are in the area of street shooting, so AF speed and accuracy, general handling and customizability are of prim interest. Image quality of the M240 seems very good, and 3200 ISO seems a reasonable speed for me. Going higher isn't as much of a concern.

    Regards, Henning
    Hi Tim,

    This is the page I'm writing. I have not added your image yes. Things take time.

    MF Digital, myths or facts?

    Best regards

    Sorry for not responding, I have not seen your response.

    You posted a couple of comparison images from D800E and IQ180 here on getDPI. I cannot find the posting but the images were _DSC0510 and CF001872.

    I have downloaded the images via the link you have in your posting.

    Coming back to you in a couple of days, I guess.

    Happened to see that you are interested in the new Zeiss 25/2.0. You din't consider the 21/2.8?

    You can check the data sheets here:

    and here:

    Based on the MTF I'd say the 21/2.8 is better.

    Best regards
    Erik, you are welcome and I will happily review what you write. My IQ180 is at my dealer on sale at the moment so I cannot make any more comparison images... which are the ones you are referring to?
    Hi Tim,

    You have recently posted a comparison image between your IQ180 and a Nikon D800E. You also posted raw images for download. I plan on writing a small article on my home page ( ) on my take on MFDB vs. DSLR, CMOS vs. CCD etc. I would very much like to use your images, if I would have your permission. If I got your permission I would ask you to review my writing, so you don't feel your images were improperly used.

    Best regards
    Erik Kaffehr
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