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Thread: View mask for P30+

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    View mask for P30+

    Need recomendation for viewfinder mask in H2 for P30+......
    Dont ask how I lost
    Can I use Hasselblad screen for H3D31 or make something?
    Is anybody sell 33x44 view masks for H2?!?!?

    Advance thanks


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    Re: View mask for P30+

    Leaf makes a perspex etched mask that drops into the focusing screen's frame. Part number is 252-11758A. To find the nearest dealer please follow this link

    The hassy screen if I'm not mistaken is masked so that the edges are darkened and as such it might require the HVD90x finder for accurate metering but you should check that with Hasselblad.

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    Re: View mask for P30+

    Thanks Vaya,
    Unfortunately, I cant use HVD90X on H2, only HV90X...not compatible...
    Anyway, screen on my H2 is without any darkened edges, because of that i need to put some mask....

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