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Thread: in doubt: Hasselblad VS Phase One

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    Re: in doubt: Hasselblad VS Phase One

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    I recently received my new DF body from CI.
    It is focusing very well and much better than the AFDIII
    Shutter lag is a non-issue at this point
    AF is fast and totally acceptable, more AF points would be nice, but not really a primary issue, but might be a nice future enhancement.
    I'm glad you finally got it, Bob - I love mine for the same reasons you give!
    Plus battery life is outstanding.

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    Re: in doubt: Hasselblad VS Phase One

    Quote Originally Posted by thomas View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by wolf65 View Post
    technical wise i don't see such a big difference between the systems.
    but since no company has left their customers standing in the rain so many times like phase/mamiya did i definitely would go for hasselblad.
    (...restrain my friend... restrain and refrain....)

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    Re: in doubt: Hasselblad VS Phase One

    Quote Originally Posted by dougpetersonci View Post
    The inclusion of the body-shutter also opens up a huge range of lens options as you noted - basically anything that can physically attach and can be focused mechanically can be used. I've seen everything from Leica microscope lenses (that was my experiment) to a Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens (for macro work - it could not focus at infinity). The entire series of Hassy 500 and 200 series lenses, pentax, etc etc etc.
    It seems you're saying that Canon lenses can be used on the Phase One cameras, I'm considering the 645 AFD III, P40+ and that would be awesome because I have some really good Canon lenses... would it require and adapter? Thanks.

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