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  • I currently use a h5d50 and they don't offer focus stepping
    I shoot jewelry and it would make my life easier

    A quick question - how does the Rodenstock 28HR play with the IQ180 back?

    I see a good review by Guy on this lens but he used the IQ160 and the questions posted at that time re the 180 were never answered in that thread.

    Thanks in advance.

    (part one of message)

    Doug, thank you so much for that. I like my dealer a lot but he doesn't go as many extra miles as you. If you are ever in England please let me know so I can at least buy you dinner!

    I have played with the file and have determined approximately that:

    Biggest acceptable free crop looking for width
    12690 x 7760
    = 98.5mp

    Biggest acceptable crop to original aspect ratio
    11881 x 8911
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