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Thread: schneider sharp fully open

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    schneider sharp fully open

    Well, I am almost ashamed that I have not tried any of my Schneiders fully open at 5.6 for the simple reason that everyone says/writes....."useless, mushy, no not really, only so-so, oh huge difference to f8, if you need 5.6 - buy Rodies".....and so on!
    This has made me not even try it

    Today I did for the first time. And what a surprise! The Schneider 35 XL at infinity and f5.6 gave me an incredibly sharp borderline of a castle about 150-170 metres away. Believe it or not, but at 100% view there was very very little that improved with f8. I am not even sure if I could pick out f5.6 instead of f8 in a test.
    Now, my 35 XL has been to Schneider in Germany for recalibration and I suppose that has something to do with it as well. So, the tip of the day, if you have a 35 XL and it is 'mushy' at f5.6 - get it recalibrated!

    I could not be happier, it is not only usable at f5.6, it is darn sharp and impressive
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    Re: schneider sharp fully open

    Also have a Digitar 35 and also did not use it full open even once due to this bad reputation. I'll follow your advice, thanks

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