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Thread: Compatability of Mamiya 'D' and Schnieder Lenses

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    Compatability of Mamiya 'D' and Schnieder Lenses

    I suspect that I've missed the obvious answer to this question, and if so, I appologize in advance.

    Are the Mamiya 'D' and S&K Lenses (shutter or non-shutter) compatible with the Mamiya 645 AFD series (i, ii or iii)?

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    Re: Compatability of Mamiya 'D' and Schnieder Lenses

    D work on all. LS only on the DF and Mamiya DF equivalent.
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    Re: Compatability of Mamiya 'D' and Schnieder Lenses

    To add just a bit of detail to Graham's answer...

    The 120mm D Macro AF requires the DF as well. (The 120mm D Macro MF will work on all bodies.)

    The 120mm TS will work on all bodies, but you may need to cover the contacts depending on which body and which firmware which means the aperture won't be transmitted in metadata (but the aperture is manually controlled at the front of the lens so you can still fully use the lens.

    All other D lenses work on all bodies.

    All the LS only work the DF bodies. Technically they will mount physically to earlier bodies but on such bodies there is no aperture control nor use of the LS shutter so unless you want to use it wide-open and use the focal plane shutter only then the short answer is they only work on the DF bodies.

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