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Thread: checking shutter count

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    checking shutter count

    How do I check number of actuations on a used P45+ phase one MFB? Thanks

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    Re: checking shutter count

    Quote Originally Posted by harshdreams View Post
    How do I check number of actuations on a used P45+ phase one MFB? Thanks
    [Menu > Configuration > About]

    If you're buying said system it's also worth checking the firmware version on that same screen. Current firmware for a P45+ is 5.1.2. If the firmware on the back is older than 3.2.6 (e.g. 2.9.8). I would not purchase until/unless the seller updates to the latest version and tests the back afterwards. There are some potential (rare but severe) issues upgrading the firmware from 2.9.8 directly to the latest firmware and without a dealer or warranty it will be a big annoyance (or worse) to deal with them. Likewise if you're selling it and you're not up to date in firmware I'd take of that before marketing that; call your dealer with any questions.
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