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Thread: option for 645df body

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    option for 645df body

    Hi all , i have a p40+ with 645 df phase one camera and i would like to have a diferent body for the p40+ back as a backup and also as diferent feeleng.

    Is there any diferent body for the p40+ back? or a plate to make it work with hasselblad H sistem?


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    Re: option for 645df body

    You can buy a Phase One back in the following mounts: Mamiya/Phase, Contax, Hassy H, or Hassy V. The user cannot change the mount of the back. You can exchange your mount for a fee (one free change is included if you bought the Value Added warranty).

    Fortunately unlike other systems (e.g. Hassy H3D/H4D/H5D) you can use any compatible Phase/Mamiya body with any back - no need for a trip to the factory to have them matched/locked. You can also use the RZ Pro IID without cables. That body has a very different feel than the AF/DF. It has a rotating back so you can shoot verticals without turning the camera, a waist level viewfinder option (you can also use a standard viewfinder), a set of lenses known for their unique look, a bellows/rail system for focusing. It's heavier and larger to be sure, but as far as a "different body as a backup and also as different feeling" - the RZ Pro IID is perfect.

    You can also explore tech cameras, nearly any of which are fully compatible with your P40+. You have a battery on board your back so to use it on a tech camera all you need is the appropriate adapter plate to get it physically mounted and a sync cable between the lens and back (probably included when you bought your back). These cameras are best for landscape/architecture/interiors but can also be used for street photography.

    You can also try a view camera. They work best in the studio for still life, product, and other static shooting but can be used for anything. Older view cameras are generally too sloppy in their movements to be used with a digital back (with some exceptions and depending on your needs/applications) but any of the recent view cameras designed for digital backs work great. The availability of huge ranges of movements is their biggest appeal, as well as the interesting look you can get, especially from legacy view camera lenses which, while not the sharpest lenses for digital, do provide interesting look/feel/color.

    To summarize your options:
    - another Phase One DF body
    - Mamiya branded DF body
    - Phase One AF body
    - Mamiya AFD3
    - Mamiya AFD2
    - Mamiya AFD1
    - Mamiya RZ Pro IID
    - Any tech camera
    - Any view camera

    Not a bad array of choices!
    Doug Peterson , Digital Transitions | Email
    Dealer for: Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, Arca-Swiss, Cambo, Eizo, Profoto
    Office: 877.367.8537. Cell: 740.707.2183

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    Re: option for 645df body

    Doug said it all, but I'm in process of buying MFD for a year now and I have a question. What exactly you don't like about DF body and what's wrong with it's feeling? Thanks!

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    Re: option for 645df body

    I have a 645DF with an IQ back and also a Cambo WDS -

    Comment on the DF.

    You need to make sure you use good batteries ( 6 x AAs) or there is a new rechargable unit - I think Capture Integration sell them - I don't have one.

    The only other short coming, in my opinion - is the auto focus system is not as easy to get the best out of as say a Canon or Nikon - does it work - yes - but it takes a while to see where and when it can mis focus.

    Other than that I find the camera good in the sense that all the fancy bells and whistles of my 1D are just not complicating the issue - you don't play with the camera you just get on with taking the pictures.

    Am I interested in a new model Phase camera - yes of course - but I wouldn't sell this body even if I bought a new one - when one comes out.

    Best of luck


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