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Thread: Flash triggers with leaf shutters

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    Flash triggers with leaf shutters

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using different flash triggers with leaf shutters at high speeds. I have been using Phottix Atlas triggers which are much the same as a Pocket Wizard Plus II which are rated to 1/250th but I have had no problems with using them at 1/800th. Does anyone have similar experiences? Pocket Wizards (except for Multimax) are generally rated to 1/500th but is that true in practice?

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    Re: Flash triggers with leaf shutters

    Bear in mind that a flash sync system may "work" at faster than rated speeds. But it may not be timed fast enough to catch the entirety of the flash curve, which means you'll be losing light from the metered exposure.

    e.g. pushing a standard pocket wizard to 1/320 won't result in a black frame, just one that is under exposed from what you'd expect.
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    Re: Flash triggers with leaf shutters

    Ditto what Doug has said about the PocketWizard's (even the more common plusII's)

    The CyberSyncs from PC Buff sync up to 1/1600th with no light loss at all (I've gone faster than that with my X100 as well).

    I've heard good things about radio poppers in this regard as well, but haven't had a chance to personally test.

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    Re: Flash triggers with leaf shutters

    Good point Doug. That's also going to depend on the flash duration so I guess with fast heads you'll be able to get away with a slower trigger. I wonder what it is that slows PocketWizards down, I thought radio waves travelled at more or less light speed.

    CyberSyncs look great but they double the price for the UK market so no one uses them here.

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