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Thread: 645DF Firmware 1.55

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    645DF Firmware 1.55

    Has anyone else found problems with the new firmware V1.55? I installed it hoping it would finally fix the mirror-lockup bug. I haven't used it enough to confirm one way or the other, but there seems to be a new bug. The focus confirmation symbols in the viewfinder disappear as soon as you move the selector to the MUP setting. (Phase One 645DF, P65+ back, various lenses including Schneider 80MM LS.)

    Are there any other new bugs in this "latest and greatest" release?

    Why can't Phase One seem to properly test their firmware with their own bodies and backs before they release it?

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    Re: 645DF Firmware 1.55

    I have been using FW 1.55 for about a week with no problems at all. You're right about the focus symbol - but I never noticed whether it worked that way before I upgraded!

    I don't find it of any consequence though - the "beep" still sounds and I generally focus before moving the selector to MU anyway.


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