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Thread: Mamiya 645 lens rental

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    Mamiya 645 lens rental

    Where is a good place to rent a lens? I would like to be able to try out several lenses before having to invest as much money as it would take to buy them new.
    So please share the best places to rent medium format lenses.
    I have a Mamiya 645DF

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    Re: Mamiya 645 lens rental

    Since your intention is to try in order to decide what to buy I'd strongly suggest renting from a good dealer.

    We can rent you a lens with the cost of the rental of any given lens counted towards the purchase of that lens.

    We can also give you some very solid/direct advice on which lenses would be best to evaluate based on your needs.
    Doug Peterson , Digital Transitions | Email
    Dealer for: Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, Arca-Swiss, Cambo, Eizo, Profoto
    Office: 877.367.8537. Cell: 740.707.2183
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