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Thread: Fun with MF images

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    Re: Fun with MF images

    Quote Originally Posted by mjr View Post

    Some scenes from around Baghdad and Fallujah, not so easy to get shots, also not so easy to understand what I want to show!


    You have seen a lot of the aftermath of war. It is always a sad commentary on the human condition. I have no idea what you could show!

    Perhaps there is beauty there somewhere. In fact, I am sure of it. People. The night sky above.

    Perhaps a Landscape Astro photograph. The beauty surrounds us always and we only have to look up, like you did with the Northern Lights. Looking forward to what you do find.

    Take good care.
    Best regards,
    Dave (GT)
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    Re: Fun with MF images

    Interesting comment Dave, thanks!

    I have seen a lot of the crap side of human nature, I think I'm over all the perfection and beauty though. Home is pristine, fairly unspoilt, crisp and clear, I get obsessed with sharpness and things that I'm now finding completely uninteresting. Actually I see beauty everywhere here, just a different kind, the spirit of the people rebuilding their lives yet again, even the pictures I posted above I find extremely beautiful in their own way, it's just unlikely to be seen by others because they aren't witnessing it, not popular images!

    I have been looking at older photographers recently, something I very rarely do, almost all of the work I find truly inspiring is not concerned with technique or equipment, it's entirely focused on content, the story. I look all around here at what's going on and I wonder what the f*ck I'm doing, what's the point, if I'm not able to tell their stories then what i produce has no meaning.

    Anyway, sorry about that, just vocalising the frustrations of seeing stories everywhere and not knowing what to do about it!

    Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.


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