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Thread: Center filter diameters?

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    Center filter diameters?

    I've tried to find a list of Schneider Digitar center filter outer diameters but failed to do so. This is useful information when planning for filter systems. Is this information available anywhere? Maybe we could complete this list, only 43 and 60 missing. EDIT: filled in after Paul's reply, now complete.

    SK24XL: (old lens only 60mm IC), 52 stepup to 72 (II D)
    SK28XL: two threading options 95 and 112, center filter is 115 but has no filter thread (IV D)
    SK35XL: 52 stepup to 72 (II F)
    SK43XL: 58 stepup to 72 (II i)
    SK47XL: 52 stepup to 67 (II L)
    SK60XL: 62 stepup to 72 (II H)

    For completeness, the Rodenstock lenses:

    Digaron-S 23: 72mm stepup to 95mm
    Digaron-S 28: 72mm stepup to 95mm
    Digaron-W 32: 86mm stepup to 105mm
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    Re: Center filter diameters?

    SK43 and SK60 both step up to 72mm with the Schneider CF installed.

    Paul Caldwell
    Paul Caldwell
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    Re: Center filter diameters?

    more info there :

    As you can see, there is various version of centerfilter for the 35xl ...

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