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Thread: Resin/Glass infrared filters for Achro+

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    Resin/Glass infrared filters for Achro+

    Hi all -

    Does anyone know of a resin or glass IR filter equivalent to the Lee #87? The Lee seems to only be available in polyester - Infrared - Part of the LEE Camera Filter Range .

    I've got the #87, but am a bit worried about the durability of the thing.

    (to clarify - I'm looking for a filter that blocks visible and passes IR, not the other way around, and that fits the Lee 100mm system)

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Resin/Glass infrared filters for Achro+

    Take a look at Tiffen:
    4X4 87 FILTER

    I believe that this is glass.
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    Re: Resin/Glass infrared filters for Achro+

    Try ebay seller tony_amt, who produces hard acrylic IR-pass filters in various standard filter holder sizes, including 100x100mm (Cokin Z). He cuts and bevels them from larger sheets. See eg. item number: 171255820023

    I got one in Cokin P size, which seems quite durable. Image quality through it is excellent.


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