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Thread: Adjusting focus on Phase DF body

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    Adjusting focus on Phase DF body

    Autofocus on my DF is generally accurate enough for my purposes because I'm usually working at F8 of F11, but manual focus is off. At infinity the image looks sharp in the finder with the lens focussed past the infinity mark - whereas in fact it's sharp when focussed slightly before the mark.

    From this I deduce that either the focus screen needs raising slightly or the mirror needs adjusting slightly. (The back fits very snugly so I don't think that's the problem.)

    Does anyone know how one can adjust the screen or the mirror? (I'm pretty good with repairing cameras with a repair manual in hand and I have the right tools.)

    Any insights gratefully received!

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    Re: Adjusting focus on Phase DF body

    The RZ has adjustment screws for ground glass distance but to my knowledge there is no such thing for Mamiya 645AF:s. However I have had one of my manual focus lenses adjusted for correct infinity by a camera technician. They simply loose and realign the focusing helicoid. How this applies to your problem I can't judge.

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