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Thread: Leaf Aptus 65s problem

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    Leaf Aptus 65s problem


    I recently bought Leaf Aptus 65s on ebay. It comes from a store, it was used but it's in prefect condition. I've used it couple of times so far and there was to problems at all. Few days back I dismouned the back from my Phase One 645DF and today I mounted it again. I pushed the power button and bam, there nothing on the screen. The leaf aptus back is running but doesn't show anything on the screen, and it cannot shoot as well.

    Did anyone have similar problems? I've heard that the backs might cause some problems when using not original batteries. Im not sure if the battery I'm using is original but it came with the back from the store.

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    Re: Leaf Aptus 65s problem

    If the store you've bought it from is a Mamiya Leaf partner then they should be able to assist you; they'll take you through a few steps to determine what the issue is and if needed to have it repaired.
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    Re: Leaf Aptus 65s problem

    Just a thought but have you tried powering up the back with it just mounted on the cover plate? It should still boot to the main screen when unattacted to the camera. The fan will whine and it should power up and boot with a beep etc and display on the rear screen. Try it also without a CF card in it.

    As per Yair though, if it powers up but not boot then you may need to refer to a dealer/Mamiya service.
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