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Thread: Upcoming IQ3-100 events in San Francisco (2/11) and Washington DC (2/22)

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    Upcoming IQ3-100 events in San Francisco (2/11) and Washington DC (2/22)

    Come see Doug and I in San Francisco and Washington DC where we will be showing off the new Phase One IQ3-100 / XF system and presenting the following topics:

    Phase One, Schneider & Arca – Oh My!
    Doug Peterson will give an overview of the new Phase One IQ3 100mp and the Phase One XF as well as the Schneider Leaf shutter lens line. As a corollary he will step through the advantages of using Arca Swiss tech cameras and Rodenstock HR lenses. Learn how these tools can solve problems for photographers that are nearly impossible to handle with more general/consumer cameras – native sync with flash up to 1/1600th sec, rise/shift/tilt with a variety of top notch lenses, waist-level viewfinder, massive resolution, and unmatched color provided by jointly-developed hardware and software. He will also show raw samples from our massive 30gb still-life test comparing the top cameras from Phase One, Pentax, Mamiya Leaf, Sony, and Canon. Come with a hard drive and leave with sample files.

    Capture One 9 Crash Course
    Although a full Capture One class can take days (ours certainly do), Doug Peterson will take you through a crash course on the new version of Capture One. There will be something for everyone; seasoned vets will get a few advanced tips they’ve never seen documented anywhere, and novices or those switching from LightRoom or Aperture will learn about the overall organization and intended workflow in Capture One. This crash course will make learning this powerful software a bit easier.

    In Washington DC on 2/22 we will also have a special guest on hand all the way from Phase One Denmark , Marco Zamarin who is one of the engineers for Capture One.

    More details and registration can be found here.

    Looking forward to seeing some forum members at the events.

    LANCE SCHAD - Digital Transitions - Phase One,Mamiya | Leaf,Arca-Swiss,Cambo, Profoto
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    Re: Upcoming IQ3-100 events in San Francisco (2/11) and Washington DC (2/22)

    Use arrived SFO. That's the second time I got out of dodge just as the snow was rolling in.
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