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Nice job!

Id be interested in seeing how much tracking you saw as I have to shoot under 20s even on my Sony a7rii to avoid trailing stars.

Well Graham,
as I told before a little trail is present (around 12pixel) , but considering that the final image is 15000x7500, if printed at 300dpi it become 127x63 cm wide (that's very huge) the 12px trail length at 300dpi is only 1,02 mm !! if You print at higher res of half size You get even better result reducing also the overall noise of the image.

here's a crop at 100% of the center of the milky way (wheres it's almost horizontal).

I've made the crop directly from Phocus v3.0.2 without any improvement such as Sharpening or Noise Filter, everything checked out to send the raw files to PTGUI for the stitching.

Enjoy, Domenico.