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I have the CF adapter for the H series which mechanically cocks the shutter and then allows an H series camera to fire the V series lens without problems. From everything that I have been told adding the CF adapter to the X adapter will not work. I just wonder why not. If the X adapter allows the X1D to trigger an H series lens, and the CF adapter allows an H series camera to utilise a V series lens then logically surely adding the CF adapter to the X adapter would work - but apparently not. Actually I can't see that I would have much use for such a cumbersome system, but I am interested in the explanation as to why it won't work.
If the Fall firmware update really does bring an electronic shutter. then manufacturing a V adapter ought to become relatively simple - simple enough for one of the third-party adapter manufacturers to be able to do it. You might not be able to use the shutter in a CF lens, but at least you'd have an upgrade path.