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Thread: Next IQ4 firmware?

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    Next IQ4 firmware?

    Since itís almost been two months since the last IQ4 firmware release, Iím hoping the next one might be ready soon.

    I really hope mapping of the ES shutter button to one of the physical buttons on the back is implemented, as well as the many other fixes and enhancements discussed in this forum (feel free to add to this list):

    - Mapping of virtual shutter button to a physical button on the back
    - Physical beep after boot up when ready to shoot (can be turned off or on)
    - More flexible options to back up images via USB-C, XQD, or SD
    - Full-resolution JPEG files (of reasonable size!) rather than 2 MP tiny JPEGs written to the SD card
    - Finally fix the split-image bug that can occur when reviewing images at 100%
    - Fully implemented power sharing
    - Better battery use and more accurate battery reporting
    - Better thermal management if possible
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    Re: Next IQ4 firmware?

    I agree that better battery sharing and thermal management are most desirable. I'd also like a faster boot-up (maybe an option to skip the Capture One bit).
    Bill CB
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