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Thread: Diglloyd d800 vs S2 shoot out

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    Re: Diglloyd d800 vs S2 shoot out

    Guy, I don't have to tell you....after all the shooting and reshooting and testing and retesting and then adjusting images in C1 and then rinse and repeat endlessly till finally after an eternity you are convenienced you got a handle on an entirely new camera and its lnses. Then by that time or shortly thereafter, a new "must have" camera model comes out and you have to repeat the entire process all over again. Sounds familiar? Bottom line, it never seems to really end, does it? It's really eat, sleep, test, shoot, repeat...and so on and so forth...LOL! I think regardless of all of our different photographic objectives, we all at some point tire out to a degree of the endless merry-go-round of equipment updates and testing.

    Dave (D&A)
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    Re: Diglloyd d800 vs S2 shoot out

    I totally agree, and didn't intend to imply the extra points were useless. My language was perhaps a bit harsh. In fact, when I tested a 645D at Yodabashi in Sapporo the focusing was one thing I liked over the S2.

    I guess it's comparable to my experience using the Canon 5D MKII Vs. Nikon's D700. The focusing points on the Nikon made the kind of work I was doing very easy I could use a tripod, frame my shot and move the focus points around the frame to *almost* anywhere I needed plus they actually worked! The 5D MKII on the other hand was next to useless on anything but the center point. This meant I had to keep focusing and recomposing then switching the lens back to manual focus. Either that or rely on live view...

    For the kind of shooting I would like to use an S2 or another MF digital for where I currently use 4x5" film multiple focus points and live view would be AMAZING. When I tested the S2 for a week several years ago I was totally convinced of all its abilities except for the focusing. The central focus point was accurate and I didn't experience back / front focusing etc, but I found it incredibly hard to nail focus on points that were off center when using a tripod with wider apertures. Again, this is not an S2 specific problem. Multiple focus points would have gone a long way to solve this. It can be said too that my technique and workflow could have been modified also. Six of one, half a dozen of the other?

    Quote Originally Posted by D&A View Post
    Where I would respectfully disagree with the statement above is that the current ones in the 645D as being a bit pointless..on the contrary! Countless of times I've set up the 645D camera on tripod while composing a image with elements in the frame at different distances....and because of moment to moment changes in what I was shooting, having AF points off from the center on both sides of the frame was a real time and image saver.

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