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Thread: Pleasantly surprised with lens QA

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    Pleasantly surprised with lens QA

    I just put together a kit for my new D800e. I am coming from Phase and Canon, and I am just shocked that every single one of my 7 lenses appear to be focusing bang on. The 50G may be a hair behind, but overall, I am very pleased. I should add that this was not my experience with my Canon gear.

    Thought I'd throw this out there as we far too often only comment when things don't work.

    I hope I'm not alone in this experience, but I am quite pleased.

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    Re: Pleasantly surprised with lens QA

    Mine have all been so well QC'd from a focus calibration POV that AFFT was merely a tool to place DOF where I wanted it. However, so far more than half the Nikon lenses I've bought have had some degree of decentering. Not always enough to return them, but indicative of indifferent physical manufacturing and QC that focusses on on-centre AF calibration rather than any more subtle tests. But hey, I've had to get any number of Leica lenses looked at too! Oddly, all my Phase lenses, apart from a truly terrible beta of the ill-fated TS, have been spot on.

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