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Thread: AF Micro Adjust software...

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    AF Micro Adjust software...

    ...available soon according to:
    Michael Tapes Design releases FocusTune Focus Calibration software

    what a relief it will be for my eyes.

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    Re: AF Micro Adjust software...

    Looks promising. How useful it will be remains to be seen. I know for myself i do a pretty good job of AF tuning my glass. I don't even use lens align to do it. But thats me, I know some folks do have trouble getting this correct any aid that can help is welcome.
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    Re: AF Micro Adjust software...

    I gave up on Tapes when he made the (now disappeared) video demonstrating his Long Ruler product in which he appeared blissfully ignorant of the fact that some lenses have field curvature and that is is therefore not of any practical use to measure focus at one place having targeted focus at another on the same plane... I am using a beta of Reikan Focal for Mac, and though it is buggy, it shows great promise and at least for the single focus point calibration, which is what the tapes product will offer, it gave me the same result with all my glass as hours of messing about by hand...

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