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Thread: Playing with Helicon

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    Playing with Helicon

    I have been having fun with Helicon, inspired by my current thorough testing of the Zeiss 21mm F2.8 on the D800.

    The lens has wonderful micro contrast in the central region but a combination of some mid-field weakness and some field curvature make it often hard to get edges and corners in focus. So rather than shoot two or more frames at different focus settings to counteract these effects, I thought I'd just take one shot at F5.6 to get central area sharpness and micro contrast right, and then another stopped down to F16 to get the edges and corners good. This is a lot easier to do without nudging the camera between shots and the results are pretty good... maybe everyone else has been doing this for years, in which case my apologies for re-inventing the wheel!

    Original is here: (looks lovely on a retina at 100% so should be pretty good on a normal monitor at 50%)


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    Re: Playing with Helicon

    After two weeks and no responses you are cordially awarded tumbleweeds! : )

    I have yet to find a need for Helicon in my shooting thus far. Let me take the opportunity to say I've found f/11 on the D800E very compelling, especially with regard to the 14-24G. It asks a little but yields tremendous quality for it's DOF.

    Focus stacking for offsetting field curvature, hadn't thought of that.

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    Re: Playing with Helicon

    There is a certain % off until 15 Dec on Helicon.

    I tried a bit for close ups.

    Quite easy and not too unpleasant results.

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