I've had a phase one P30+, sold it off.

My OM-D makes a great portable system, the RX100 matches nicely when I don't want to carry a big camera.

For lack of an AA filter, I went to the Fuji Pro 1, and it really does deliver on IQ, but it's a bit quirky.

When I sold off the D300, I kept the 24-70 AFS, and the 120-300, and the old push pull 80-200. So, I do have some good Nikon zooms.

So, in your thought process, can I get by with the OM-D/RX100 and use the Fuji as a trade in on the D800E

If you have had or have both, comments appreciated.

I mostly shoot studio, fine art figure, and then my kids sporting events. With a tiny bit of street and some land scape thrown in.