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Thread: Nikon 1 V2

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    Nikon 1 V2

    Hi there,

    I have a D300 , with a good variety of lenses. Would like to add a new camera to back up the D300.

    Easy access family camera, action shots and easy carrying. So I'm thinking the Nikon 1 V2, which I can add lens to.

    Does anyone want to give me some good advice on this camera and recommend which lens I get first.

    Hope to hear soon.


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    Re: Nikon 1 V2

    Hi Mazel

    I just sold my Nikon V1 yesterday. It is a fun little camera to use but it is not what I would recommend for a few reasons:
    1. it's not that small.
    2. lenses are not readily available used (usually they are sold together with the camera, meaning it's harder to get bargins)
    3. UI is not convenient to use.
    4. It boasts the fastest Autofocus....maybe in daylight outdoors. In doors for a fact my OMD focuses faster
    5. No one knows if Nikon will discountinue the V line any moment. They are not making ANY money from it.

    I would use the budget to get a Panasonic or an Olympus MFT. You might be able to find a good OMD EM5 copy for less than $600 now. You will be much better served with the MFT lenses and through an adapter you can use your Nikon lenses as well.

    If you are set on the Nikon 1s, I'd recommend you get the 18.5 F1.8. The 10mm wide angle is nice but at F2.8 it's a bit slow indoors. The zoom is way to slow I don't recommend it.

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    Nikon 1 V2 price drop . . .

    I picked one up today from Henry's (Canada). Price with 10-30mm kit lens is now $499 (Can)


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    Re: Nikon 1 V2

    I picked up a V1 and the 10-30mm lens in the fall from KEH. It was under $200 US for a refurbished model.

    Currently the 18.5mm 1.8 and the 10mm 2.8 are a bit under $200 US each for refurbished. I think around $170 or so when I check around Christmas.

    I picked it up to play with the low resolution but still useful high speed video modes. (640x240 @ 400fps).

    I've played with it a bit as a stills camera (400 frames or so) and the focus in good light is pretty quick. Image quality is pretty good. True, it's not really that small with the 10-30mm.

    It doesn't replace my D300 or my D700's for serious work. But it is pretty close in daylight image quality to the D300 given that it's a sensor that is 3-4ish years newer. I haven't picked up the Nikon adapter yet to try playing with some long lenses. I've seen some really good samples shooting with long AF Nikons on Thom Hogan's site and over at Luminous Landscape.

    It's best to try to play around with one in a store or if someone you know has one to see if you can work with the interface limitations if the camera. There aren't any dedicated buttons for changing from Aperture or Shutter priority to Manual mode. Or for changing ISO, focus modes, or white balance. It's all menu diving. Other than aperture and exposure compensation in program modes, there isn't much in the way of easy button control.

    For my purposes, I can live with it since I'm using Ai Nikon lenses on an adaptor so I only need to change ISO and then I can ride aperture to adjust things most of the time without having to menu dive.

    And now to drift off topic somewhat while being vaguely related.

    I'm probably going to replace my Canon S95 (which is my daily carry) with a Panasonic GM-1 when I get a chance. Then I can keep the 12-32mm kit lens on that and carry the 14mm and 20mm Panasonic primes in a coat pocket or in my bag.

    I have a whole Panasonic kit for different situations when I don't need the pure speed, reach or low light capabilities of my DX/FX Nikon Kit. GH2 for video and stills occasionally (at least until I grab a GX7) and an IR modified GF-1 and a regular GF-1 for stills and timelapse work with matched lenses.

    Panasonic Gear: GF1, GF1 IR, GH1, GH2 Nikon Gear: D700*2, D300, D70 IR
    Many more Nikon DSLRs & 35mm, 6x6, 6x7 Film gear too.

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