Pretty much none.

After some digging turns out that:

(i) Nikon USA was shy of ordering too many given price, and previous Nikon 1 sales
(ii) Half of the shipment had to be internally recalled due to the stiff to remove EVF issue that Nikon Japan came forward and mentioned as recall
(iii) Apparent initial demand higher than supply
(iv) Because Nikon bundles this in USA in a box for different territories and different serial numbers they just can't airlift-> drop from Japan

My local dealers don't know when they are shipping and Nikon USA themselves can't answer this question either.

I actually sold my V3 to a UK customer that wanted/needed the V3 real bad while my deadline for returning to the store was coming to an end, so he eased me out of spending a lot of cash. My main issue I was still undecided, and undecided more because of Nikon than the camera.

I decided I want it now, but Nikon is not inspiring me any confidence they care for their customer. I expect more units to be in the USA by end of this month to middle of the next.

- Ricardo