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Thread: DP2M Firmware 1.04

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    DP2M Firmware 1.04

    I was wondering about the significance of the extra feature in the latest firmware whereby RAW images can be captured in black and white. What could that mean? Usually RAW is RAW and is colour.

    So I tried it. What happens is that the image opens in SPP automatically on the new Monochrome tab. So the X3F file has the monochrome tags set by default. You can still switch back to the standard 'colour' image.

    It may be a bit of a time saver if you want to use the new monochrome mode regularly.

    Also explains why you need SPP 5.5 to process images captured with firmware 1.04.


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    Re: DP2M Firmware 1.04

    Thanks for the explanation!


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