Just the other week the Q was at #3, but now it's the #1 seller of all interchangeable lens cameras in Japan for this week. Quite amazing for a camera that was supposed to be laughable failure due to sensor size.

You may quip the Q has dropped in price a lot (and it has) but interestingly so, the Q10 is already at #16 and going up out of the gate. The Q at #1 is white, the Q black is at #13. There were like 4 configurations of Q mounts last week and seems like this week is similar but with the #1.

Of course, cameras are tools and tools in the end are just that. I don't get too attached to a brand as much as I like the Q as a tool *for the photography I do*. It's still interesting to see a mount that was "doomed to fail" actually take off, doing even better than most of the other interchangeable lenses and mirror less interchangeable lenses at least in recent weeks.

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- Raist