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Thread: "They're Selling Us Crap Paper"

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    "They're Selling Us Crap Paper"

    "I've just finished printing up a bunch of "art quality" 11 x 14 prints for my Contributors, and I'm so frustrated I feel like tearing my hair out. (Yes, I have plenty to spare. What's your point?) The amount of time and money I waste because of shoddy inkjet paper manufacturing practices is appalling..."

    Details by Ctein

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    Re: "They're Selling Us Crap Paper"

    I read the article & was surprised by the number of voices chiming in agreement. My own opinion is that inkjet papers are ever so much better in QC than they were just 3-5 years ago.

    If I dissent from the complaints in the Ctein article & comments, then perhaps I brand myself as a philistine who grinds out defective prints; but I can't imagine coming up with what he says is his rejection rate. He singles out Harman for special criticism, & I've found only a few defective sheets in 17x25 boxes (though I gave up using their rolls, because its thickness plus strong curl made it vulnerable to print-head contact).

    When making large prints I usually make smaller work prints of parts of the image, so I have a ready use for the few sheets with surface imperfections that I encounter. So from my standpoint Ctein has had a statistically rare run of bad luck, or has blown up the problem larger than it looms in my experience.


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    Re: "They're Selling Us Crap Paper"

    I have to agree that the fiber based photo papers are bad. I print on Harman too, and usually find at east 20% of the sheets in any pack with flaws. Even find them on rolls, but they seem better than the sheets for whatever reason.

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