This has become a major issue for me in the past few months.

I have a 9880. When I print on canvas, either Lexjet Sunset Matte or Glossy or Breathing Color
Chromata White, I will see a pattern of impressions running on the finished print. They are running
the same direction as the running length of the canvas and have to be from the pressure rollers.

I am on my 2nd 9880 and this machine seems to have the problem even worse than my first 9880.

Over time some of the pressure marks seem to fade out, but I have a few prints that I had to trash
as the marks never totally faded out.

My question:
Are other Epson 9880 users seeing this issue on Canvas, and if so what are you doing for it?

As far as I can tell from talking to Epson, there is not a setting to adjust the pressure from the rollers,
as it is controlled by the grey handle above the LCD on the right side of the printer.

Paul Caldwell