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Thread: Shading your iPhone screen?

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    Shading your iPhone screen?

    Is there any solution known to help shading the IP screen in bright light?
    Uwe Steinmueller

    Editor&Owner of Digital Outback Photo

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    Re: Shading your iPhone screen?

    Quote Originally Posted by ustein View Post
    Is there any solution known to help shading the IP screen in bright light?
    Getting away from the bright light

    I recall people using a screen protector film here. Some of the higher quality one's help with sun glares.

    I got mine at the Apple store, no idea what brand/model though.

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    Re: Shading your iPhone screen?

    I hate to say it, Uwe, but I'm in the Ronan Camp -- get out of the sun.

    Failing that advice, you can choose matte-finish or mirror-finish screen protectors which will help a little.

    I personally use the totally transparent Steinheil Ultra Oleophobic (sounds like someone's allergic to margarine -- and, indeed, I just now see that below that it says "Oil Resistant Coating"). It's tough and brilliant and I love it and it would only serve to aggravate your problem.

    I think there are special films that prevent people from seeing your screen from the side -- perhaps that might work with regards to the sun.

    As you can see, I'm reduced to speculation here. Good luck.

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