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Thread: Sony a77 and AF micro adjust

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    Sony a77 and AF micro adjust

    I've just acquired an a77 (to accompany my a900) and was about to get out my Lens Align kit to do micro adjustment of my lenses when it occurred to me that Lens Align is probably not needed.

    Unless I'm all screwed up (quite possible, I assure you) then all I need to do is focus using autofocus then switch to manual with "Low" focus peaking, being careful not to change focus. If focus peaking confirms I'm right on, then I presume no further adjustment is necessary. If it isn't then I can dial in some micro-adjust until autofocus exactly agrees with the manual focus peaking.

    Is my logic correct?


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    Re: Sony a77 and AF micro adjust

    Yes, this will be the same way I will be doing to check for lens accuracy if I have an A77. After that you can also check the image in the monitor if you want. But I don't really think it is necessary.

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