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Thread: A7/A7R - Suggestions for Improvements

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    Re: A7/A7R - Suggestions for Improvements

    Have only used my A7r for one day, and am still learning how to set it up and use it properly; also, no lenses, so am using Zeiss (Leica M-mount) primes. I really like this camera. Some of what follows can be fixed in the next version, some in firmware update, some quibbles. Here goes, in random order:

    1. Manual / guide is the worst I seen - borderline useless.

    2. Shutter is loud (next version fix?)

    3. Menu is much better than the confusing NEX-7's, but not as good as the RX-1. For example, Format (card) should have its own top icon and be easy to find.

    4. Add two or three custom settings (MY Menu 1 / 2/ 3)

    5. In manual focus, I love pressing C1 twice to magnify the scene and obtain critical focus. I would love to do the same with Autofocus.

    6. A separate ISO button (next version?). Perhaps there's a work around in Settings that I haven't figured out yet (I don't want to accidentally trigger a change in ISO).

    I've tried my NEX lenses on this camera, and the focus appears quite fast and accurate. Don't know if there's a decent scale for manual focus. I like a feature in my Ricoh GR - set Aperture and Shutter Speed and the camera sets the proper ISO (and one can set upper and lower bands for ISO) - don't know if that's possible here (but I would love it - especially for street shooting).

    Those are my preliminary thoughts on a very, very fine camera! Sorry, in advance, if some of my ideas are due to my ignorance (it always takes a while to become familiar with high-end camers!)


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    Re: A7/A7R - Suggestions for Improvements

    On the A7 use the PDAF to control a new A-mount adapter that controls screw drive lenses without an SLT mirror. Sure it won't be as fast as the LAEA4 but it would allow the better Minolta and Sony screw drive lenses to AF. Probably won't happen because the firmware would need two sets of algorithms. But I'd love to AF the 135 f1.8 without an SLT.
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    Re: A7/A7R - Suggestions for Improvements

    1. Focus Magnifier / Zoom in one button press like NEX. An additional menu option would be to have the option to change the behavior of the one click, where one click can equal any of these 3 user pref. Maximum magnification first, Minimum magnification first or the current style framing mode.

    2. Startup times need improved to feel like a pro tool. Currently the camera is inconsistent here. Agreed that major work is needed on power management, start-up/wake-from-sleep times, and lag when changing settings.

    3. Buggy system. For example, when ISO is mapped to default wheel location, sometimes it simply does not work when wheel is turned. This is not acceptable, as I’ve had to map a backup button for ISO for when this bug happens. It happens often.

    4. Fix the auto sensor so that it doesn't mistake the shirt/belly as an eyeball and switch to the viewfinder...even though one is shooting with the screen. An option to adjust the sensitivity of the back screen in proximity to the body/eye before switching would be nice.

    5. Option to completely turn off LCD (not just turn display black
    INCLUDING the backlight.)

    6. Manual lens data entry, room for at least 10 lenses.

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