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Thread: AF Micro Adjust - best practices?

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    AF Micro Adjust - best practices?

    When you're doing AF Micro Adjust on the the Sonys, what target distance do you use?

    I'm working on a Zeiss 135mm ƒ1.8 and find that the required adjustment varies quite a bit with target distance. I started with the target about 6 feet away and it needed +2. But with the target at 20 feet, I need -10. Is this kind of variation typical?

    I'm shooting it wide open. Should I stop it down a bit for calibrating?

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    Re: AF Micro Adjust - best practices?

    I don't use a target, at least an indoor one!

    I had to adjust my A7II for my 70-400G with the LE4 adapter. As I do most of my photography with that lens at longer distances, I chose a subject (a lighthouse) at infinity. I calibrate wide open, which I'd recommend unless you know the lens has focus shift.

    I start at -10, then -9 and so on all the way to +10. Put them all up on the screen at 100% and choose the best. Then take a few more at the selected setting and -1 and +1 from it just to be sure.

    Turns out my 70-400 needs only a very slight adjustment. Can't remember what it was but -2 or+2 I think.

    Bill CB
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