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Thread: Sony a900 and 500 mm mirror lens

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    Sony a900 and 500 mm mirror lens

    When I bought my a900 back in December, I also got the mirror lens, more as a toy than as a serious tool - it is quite unique in being autofocus and I thought I should have one as a "fun" lens. It was also quite cheap, less than US$700 here in Canada.

    Today I thought I should try it on serious subjects, ducks in our local harbour (that's harbor for my American friends) and I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

    These shots are both hand-held - a testament to SSS for a very light 500 mm lens. Still, shutter speeds were about 1/1000s. ISO was 400.

    The first is the full frame, the second cropped to the shot I wanted and the third a 100% crop. Fourth (why don't my American friends say forth?) is full frame again, the fifth a 100% crop. Note the water droplets!

    Considering this lens is only slightly bigger (and yet lighter) than the 24-70 CZ, I think I'll carry it routinely in future.
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