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Thread: Memory Cards Survive Underwater

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    Memory Cards Survive Underwater

    A photographer fell to his death recently a couple miles from my cabin here in Arkansas and his camera bag ended up in a creek. It took me a week to locate the camera bag (it had been washed downstream), which had been submerged the entire time (the photographer's body was recovered in the creek the day after he fell). Everything in the camera bag was soaked, and the camera and lenses were completely filled with water. But four memory cards and a thumb drive were all fine, and I was able to recover all of his last images for the family. The images on the card also told the story of his last trip into the wilderness - where he went and what he photographed - and also helped determine the time of his death (from the EXIF). This was a sad reminder that life is dangerous, but also a thumbs up to memory card manufactures for making them tough as nails...

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    Re: Memory Cards Survive Underwater

    Sad story. May he/she rest in peace. It is wonderful that you were able to bring the bag back for the family.

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