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Thread: Any recommended photographic equipment insurance provider

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    Any recommended photographic equipment insurance provider

    Hi all,
    Simple enquiry, what is the best insurer to go with for my photographic equipment?
    I live in the UK.
    I have used a few organisations in the past but want to settle with one photographic specialist and was wondering who would be recommended, who is reliable, people who know photographic equipment and what it is to be a photographer etc
    I know it doesn't really matter but a photographer owned and run company would be great if such a place exists...
    But anyways, the main elements of my kit I want to insure are my Hasselblad kit, film and digital, and other equipment of this nature, rather than the general digital components which most insurers I have encountered primarily cover and nothing else.
    I travel quite a lot with the majority of the equipment I want to cover so that feature in my insurance policy would be a massive part.
    I was also hoping to get my Nikon 9000 scanner put on the insurance also (which always stays at home, so is on the house insurance but not covered by anything specialist) and possibly my iphone 5 to...
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Any recommended photographic equipment insurance provider

    HI There
    I use Aaduki - they're perfectly pleasant and quite reasonable - It does cover travel - 40 days abroad is basic.

    Anyway, Aaduki insurance for photgraphers

    Thankfully I've not had to claim, but I have all my Leica kit insured with them.

    all the best

    Just this guy you know

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    Recommended photographic equipment insurance

    I have insurance for my photography equipment with:

    Tom C. Pickard & Company
    Located in Southern California, USA
    Web: TCP
    Phone: 1-800-726-3701
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Thankfully I've not had to make a claim!
    When I was looking this company had a good reputation and
    fair prices. Have been whith them for a couple of years.

    Good luck on your search.

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    Re: Any recommended photographic equipment insurance provider

    As someone who does not make his living from photography (although I do practice professionally from time to time and sell fine-art prints) I have my gear all covered under my homeowners policy with Aviva. It is not even listed like jewellery and furs have to be.

    As the total value is quite high - Phase, Sony and Leica systems - I called them some years ago to assure myself I really was covered, at home and when traveling. I was told I was covered.

    The acid test occurred last year when my IQ 180 fell off the camera into a foot of water, requiring a $5,000 rebuild. This took place in NY, far from home.

    The claim was paid promptly and efficiently.


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