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Thread: A real moneysaver!

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    A real moneysaver!

    For those of you who still think the price of the Hasselblad Lunar is slightly on the high side, particularly now that Sony is about to launch a 35mm NEX for a quarter of the price, here's an offer that might help making that buying decision:

    A titanium/leather Hasselblad Lunar with an 8GB Memory Card included in the price!!!

    Hasselblad Lunar with 18 55mm Lens Titanium Body with Black Leather Grip 0892962747 | eBay

    I'm sure the guy who already bought a Lunar will be tearing his hair out, but hopefully he understands that the professional photos he has been able to take on the moon and other exotic places while others have been waiting, is well worth the extra $25 he had to fork out for this extraordinary useful accessory.
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    Re: A real moneysaver!

    Indeed! In about 2 years when the Lunex A7 appears, many would realize what a bargain this is!

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