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Thread: Some informal statistics

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    Some informal statistics

    I was having a chat with one of the insiders of the camera trade in this country yesterday, and he told me a bit about what is selling and what is not. Being a market in strong development, Thailand isn't in any way typical for the current world sales, but the trends here are probably a good indication of what we'll see within the near future.

    Interestingly, the three most sold brands of interchangeable cameras are all mirrorless, with Fuji in a clear lead, Sony on second and Olympus third. Fourth and fifth are Canon and Nikon with the rest being minor players. Fuji and Olympus have traditionally been strong camera brands in Thailand, and so has Canon. They also have great customer service with efficient repair shops that are open for professionals as well as for the general public. What makes Fuji particularly strong is that their cameras are available everywhere, not only in camera shops, but anywhere from electronics stores to office gear outlets. In addition, they, and Sony, spend heavily on marketing.

    With this in mind, and my contact agreed, it's probably only a matter of short time before we see serious mirrorless cameras from Canon and Nikon. Asia including Japan is now the biggest as well as fastest growing market for cameras, and I would be surprised if the trend in the rest of Asia is much different from Thailand. What this will mean for the long term development of DSLR cameras is anybody's guess. Hopefully, they'll survive for another decade or two
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