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    IQ4 Remote App

    Because it sends a clear message to customers and potential customers, that P1 will drop you if you arent on the latest and greatest hardware. Even Apple dont do that
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    IQ4 Remote App

    That would idiotic
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    What's the latest IQ3 firmware?

    thanks - Idont have an XF so can only update via the CF none of these firmware versions make any sense to me lol how can 5.00.5 be the latest, and my back currently has 5.10.1?
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    What's the latest IQ3 firmware?

    I am a bit confused. my IQ3 50 currently has a fw installed of 5.10.1 (Feb 6 2019) system: 4.02.7 The P1 firmware updater tool says the latest is 5.01.10 and is available to update to (but isnt that a downgrade?) The P1 website lists the latest as Feature Update #8 : this file gives me...
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    2 Questions

    Two points: 1) you'll need a wake up/sync cable if the back doesnt have an electronic shutter. You can put an IQ back into zero latency mode which doesnt require a wake up signal, but it still needs a shutter signal to actually fire the back's capture. 2) I dont know why you would be advised...
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    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    It wouldnt be that hard, I've looked at the SDK document, and I have developed a few android apps over the years - but I'm not paying $3000 a year for it
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    WTB: Center Filter for SK 35mm Digitar XL

    I'm looking for a Center Filter for my SK 35mm Digitar XL please msg me if you have one you're looking to sell thanks
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    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    There was already an SDK (called Capture Core I think) - but it cost $3000 USD a year to access it, and I dont know what backs it supports (or even if its still available) I was interested in developing an android app to access my IQ350 but not for $3000
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    Focus stacking or hyperfocal in landscapes with tech cam

    Hi I have a general query for those using a tech cam, without TS lenses, for landscape focusing I have a WRS and a 35 XL on an IQ350 back, and I am curious what approaches other people take when composting their scenes for maximum acceptable sharpness When you want both close and infinity objs...
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    How do you pack your tech cam when outdoors?

    I'm trying to get out and about a bit more with my WRS and I am wondering what people do about transporting to/from your shooting spot I only have one lens (the 35XL) do you leave everything connected in your bag? The Lens and DB I mean? or do you transport everything separately and connect...
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    sold! 28mm super digitar xl with center filter.

    and only registered today for this single post
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    Be Careful with Your Digital Backs!!

    sorry to read this. I felt happier with the H series backs, but I have always thought the design of the IQ back was an accident waiting to happen. Its such a fiddly process to get the back on/off. Initially it feels like it could be done one handed, but then you realize not and needs both...
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    Schneider Apo Digitar 35 5.6 XL on 6x8

    I think you'll be outside the IC with 6x8 film maybe 6x7 just fits the 35mm but thats skimming the edge, which may not give you what you want
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    Technical Cameras: Questions

    maybe it could make it into the new capture pilot replacement - obviously supporting the very latest IQ5 back only