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  • Doug,

    Sorry I didn't respond earlier, for some reason, I never got a notice that I had something in the in-box.

    I just got the a7r today, so I don't have any experience with it yet, but will soon.

    I work for what used to be HMG here (now TRC). I'm their lighting subject matter expert.

    I moved to Sacramento about a year ago, and need to get integrated into the local photography community more, now that I have a house and am just about done with the darkroom...

    Feel free to email me about the camera, etc. anytime.
    [email protected]

    or for energy items:
    [email protected]


    I see in your profile you're an engineer in Sacramento and an energy efficiency expert. I work at the state Energy Commission... have you gotten an a7r yet? I'm very interested in this camera or at least in the product line (can you say a9r?), especially in putting Leica-R lenses on it & I wonder if you've gotten the camera and if so how you like R lenses on it.

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