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    Hasselblad, we have a (service) problem...

    Of course! As I stated above, I am very happy for every owner who is enjoying his equipment. My point is not only about being extremely unlucky, but as well that the shown (non) communication of Hasselblad is not at all premium worthy. By the way, talking about missing paperwork, I have...
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    Hasselblad, we have a (service) problem...

    Whole story took place in Hamburg, Germany. So actually very close to Sweden. Which should usually make turn around times quite fast. My dealer was extremely helpful and is shocked as well. They did everything to support me with these service cases and did more than a little extra work to keep...
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    Hasselblad, we have a (service) problem...

    Dear all, I am really sad, but I wanted to share my unfortunate Hasselblad service history with you. Trying to keep it as emotionless as possible. Over the years I have bought a lot of equipment from Hasselblad, all started with the 4116 X1D special edition field kit. Over the X1D II and...
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    Fuji GFX100s and "THAT" MF look

    Let us make a list? I am getting the most 3D looking results with following input parameters: - huge dynamic range (this is where the bigger sensor play their game in my experience, the more f-stops the better) - shallow depth of field with the main characteristics like Makten described it...
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    Fun with the Sigma fp and fp L

    The EVF is amazing. Have bought it for my fp. Tend to use it most often when the sun is really bright. Often the LCD does suffice and keeps the profile low.
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    Hasseblads with Mac laptops, anyone?

    Hi Stella, may I ask how much free disk space your Mac has? Mac OS X slows down significantly if the drive where the OS is located has about 20 GB and less left. Other than that I can only confirm what the others have said, M1 Mac, no matter which one, are performing like crazy and Phocus is...
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    Best portrait lens for Hasselblad 907X / CFV II 50C ???

    Depends on your shooting style. The 90mm is a great and much smaller lens as well. However it needs more light and gives quite a lot less background separation. I had it and sold it to refinance the 80mm because I wanted a little bit more separation and the flexibility in less light situations...
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    Hasselblad X1D II and Godox v860II flash?

    The Nikon version should work in manual. Do not expect TTL or something similar. Wireless triggers of Godox in the Nikon version work perfectly in manual. Up to fastest shutter speed and reliable. Am using Godox 600 studio flashes for years now without issues.
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    Got my GFX100s today.

    Hi Frank, what I have read somewhere else, if you download an exif editor and change the entry from gfx100s to gfx100 you can import and edit the raws. ;-)
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    Raw histograms and raw converters

    There is a way for Lightroom to export one of your cameras DNG (just make sure the file is Adobe Standard processed) and load it into the Adobe DNG editor. You can change the curve to linear and save it as a new camera profile. Restart Lightroom and you can select it. This eliminates nearly all...
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    Hasselblad X1D II

    To give you one example of how I do it. Outside sky with white clouds. I measure for the brightness of the whitest cloud a spot metering of +2,6. That way the camera might think already that a certain amount of the whites are clipping and gives you a small amount of clipping warning in the image...
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    XCD 80/1.9 lens: soft rattling noises?

    Have received a new 80mm. The thump is gone. However the new one has exactly the same rotational play in the lens mount as the one before. Will consider this to be normal for the 80mm now... Although I like it better on my other lenses which sit really tight with no play. Total turnover time...
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    x1d backfocus

    Very welcome! The X1D focus ring is always on, even in AF. Meaning if you have focused and turn it ever so slightly, maybe due to your hand position the focus will shift. This is also something to keep in mind.
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    x1d backfocus

    Hi Dan, you have to put the camera in manual focus mode first. Then you can press the AF-L button and the camera will focus, shutter button will only trigger the shutter now. :)
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    XCD 80/1.9 lens: soft rattling noises?

    For internal focussing lenses that sounds quite common, indeed. However the 80mm is NOT internal focussing, it is a front focussing lens. It does the same thumb both connected and unmounted. Additionally mine had more play in the lens mount than any of my other XCD lenses. So they need to...