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Recent content by onasj

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    Hasselblad vs GFX system

    marchaers, stunning portraiture on your website. 👍
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    Hasselblad vs GFX system

    If your subject matter is highly cooperative (like a landscape without much wind), and IQ is your top priority, then go for the 54x40 sensor. Otherwise, I think in practice 44x33 will be virtually indistinguishable in quality but will offer modern features such as decent AF. And if you really...
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    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    Kudos to Phase One for releasing this important tool. From the product description: “Tethered” Capture direct to your iOS device is now possible! Cascable 6 is the first mobile application to allow for complete “Host Capture” with an IQ4. You can now transfer the full RAW file from your IQ4 to...
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    IQ4 Remote App

    That would be good news, Steve. Better late than never! The IQ4 is literally the only camera I use out of 8 (not counting instant cameras :)) from five manufacturers that has no phone connectivity.
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    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    There's no technical reason why wireless transmission of large RAW files (several hundred MB) can't be done very quickly. Apple's Airdrop technology has been transferring GBs very quickly (seconds) for many years now. Having speedy wireless RAW transfer directly to an iPad or laptop for C1...
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    Diffraction correction with IQ4 150

    While peak sharpness for a sensor with pixel pitch of the IQ4-150 is around f/9, in practice I share the experience of others here that especially with modern sharpening techniques, it would be virtually impossible to detect in even a large print diffraction until you pass f/11 or smaller, in my...
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    DIY *one shot* wake-up + shutter release cable (e.g., Phase One IQ4 to Hasselblad V lens with leaf shutter)

    Thanks, Dan. Realistically I don't have the spare time to make these for others, but it's really not too difficult (a fun project, even), and I'm happy to answer questions if you run into any problems.
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    Strange Problem with IQ4 150

    Wow, very odd. When you review the image on the IQ4 back, does it show similar corruption? Did the problem ever occur when frame averaging was off? Did it occur after rebooting?
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    Hasselblad HCD 80mm f/2.8 vs XCD 65mm f/2.8 Lens

    One difference is that the HCD 80/2.8 being a simple, older double-gauss design isn't that sharp and also has some chromatic aberration wide open. By the corners of a 44x33 mm sensor (XCD) or mid-field on a 54x40 mm sensor it's somewhat soft. The XCD 65 won't cover the H sensor but is much...
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    IQ4 Remote App

    We can all hope for a new Capture pilot that works with IQ4 and all lower backs, iOS and Android, RAW and JPEG, but to be more realistic given the rate of software and firmware releases from Phase One, I would be thrilled with any ability to wirelessly transfer full-quality IQ4 files to an iOS...
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    XCD 21mm for architecture instead of tech cam

    MTF curves suggest the Rodi 23 HR and the XCD 21 perform similarly across the area of a 44x33 mm sensor. Below: XCD 21 (top), Rodi 23 HR (bottom). Note that the lp/mm curves are 10, 20, 40 for the XCD (black) curves, and 10, 20, 40, 80 for the Rodi 23 HR (red) curves. So you are comparing the...
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    IQ4 Remote App

    M1 iPad C1 that processes RAW files wirelessly transferred from the IQ4 to the iPad/iPhone would be terrific, if it all works!
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    IQ4 Remote App

    Thank you, Alvin. Can it transfer photos (preferably raw files) to an iOS device?
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    Rodenstock 90/5.6 HR + Instax wide silhouette double exposures

    Yes, gives new meaning to the "tail wagging the dog". But the fact that the images turn out so much better than any other Instax Wide cameras (even the expensive MiNT one, which I have used) suggests if Fuji were to sell a more serious Instax Wide camera with a proper coated glass multi-element...