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Peter Klein
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  • HI Peter
    Sorry for the delay in replying- I'm afraid I never had the old 'lux, but I certainly saw some focus shift with the Zeiss 50 'sonnar! (doesn't the 50 / 1.5 VC show it as well?)

    I guess if it were me, I'd take all 4 lenses, but not carry them all with me all the time - i.e. I'd probably be leaving one lens in the hotel safe - the 35 'lux in the daytime, and the 35 'cron in the nighttime.

    Won't that do the job for you?

    . . . and you're right about bum bag - you certainly shouldn't go about the UK talking about fanny packs (rofl)

    Have a great trip whatever you decide.

    all the best
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    I think you've used the old 35 Summilux ASPH as well as the new one with the floating elements, right? So perhaps you can give me a little advice.

    My wife and I are going to Israel for two weeks next month. I have a rather painful "frozen shoulder," so I'm going to try to keep things simple and light, hopefully without losing too many photographic opportunities. This means using a "Y strap" for the camera on my good shoulder, and what you Brits call a "bum bag" around my waist for the other lenses and accessories. We're taking a bus tour the second week, so I'll have to be able to carry everything with me on foot at any time.

    I have an M8, so 35mm is "normal" to me, and I usually prefer the "normal" view. The question is whether to take the "old" 35 Summilux ASPH or the classic 35 Summicron version IV. My Lux does have focus shift. It behaves exactly as the LFI article about the issue showed--at f/2.8-5.6, if you focus on someone's eyes, their ears are sharp. Solution: Focus on their nose.

    Since I normally use the Cron outdoors and the Lux for available light, I haven't had to deal with the issue much. I know how to compensate with the Lux at middle stops, but I usually avoid the issue by using it only at f/1.4, f/2 and f/8.

    So the choice I see is:
    1. Take the 'Lux and compensate when necessary, and hope I don't guess wrong on an important shot.
    2. Take the Cron and lose the Lux's available light ability, take a fast 50 instead of a 90 to have one fast lens, but I lose the 90's telephoto view.

    This translates to two possible outfits:
    A. 28/3.5 VC, 35/1.4 Lux, 90/3.5 VC
    B. 28/3.5 VC, 35/2 Cron, 50/1.5 VC Nokton

    What do you think? Did you have any real-world issues with the old Lux' focus shift? If this were just a casual vacation, I'd probably just take the Lux and if I blew a shot, not care much. But this is a "trip of a lifetime," so I don't want to spend time worrying, chimping and maybe getting fellow tour group members upset with me.

    Hi Peter, yes,
    you are correct. They did re-build the bridge across to the ice caves. It's much more solid than the prior one, and the ice caves should be started by now. When I went, not much cave, but the avalanches were spectacular to behold.
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