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2000 FCW and CFV


For months I have pined about a digital back for my Hassey system. I found a deal on a refurbed unit and decided to take the plunge. Unfortunately, my system it is built around a 2000 FCW which according to the diagrams, the CFV will only work with C lenses and cabled to the flash sync. Now I love my 110 F lens and did not want to give it up, I could purchase a 203 or 205 $$$$$ or I could switch to a C system and give up the 110.

Doing some research, I took a chance and am able to use the CFV with 2000 FCW and F lenses but it is restricted to a maximum of 1/90 of a second. The CFV does need to be cabled to the x sync of the body, and the back set to "Flash Sync".

So, for now, I can use the CFV back on the 2000 FCW. One day I may get a 205 or 203 that has the databus for the CFV. :)


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For the price of a Hy6 digital you could buy 15 203FEs and just throw them away if one quits on you : -)

Or 7 203FEs and a Hasselblad Flextight X1


My reasoning for the CFV, the M8 is perfect for travel work, light and great image quality. I need an SLR for doing studio work and that has been done with Nikon DSLRs, but the real need for SLRs is long lens work (> 135mm). This is where the M8 just does not cut it, so taking my Hassey equipment and adding the CFV back, getting rid of the Nikon stuff great images but too heavy to carry (can't afford sherpas). So now I will be down to two systems one for travel, one for still life studio work. BUT I don't rule out the R10 when it comes out, I still have some R lenses for it :D