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Angenieux 28-70 2.6 thoughts please


I have the opportunity to get this lens locally. Curious about others opinions concerning the lens. Maybe I should just jump... I have a D800 & maybe its better on a camera with less megapixels, uncertain. I'm going to get the A7s at later date, just a matter of when. I've searched & found mixed views from very good to not very good.
Thanks Wayne.


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This lens was terrific when it was introduced.... some 20 or more years ago... in the interim it has been surpassed by newer lenses e.g. AFS 24-70.

Personally, I would give it a test before taking the plunge.


Thanks. I met someone in mid 1990s with one on a Nikon F4s so thought I could be interested.
I had an Angenieux 70-210 f3.5 on a Leica R in the 1990s - a superb lens. My understanding is that the 28-70 was just as good. However recent developments with special glasses will have produced even better lenses.


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My guess is it will be very good and have a somewhat nice/unique/vintage look, especially on a cam like the Df. Definitely worth trying out, but don't buy unless you can try, and don't overpay -- new glass is almost certain to be more high-MP digital friendly...


Thats good to hear. He is 6 hours drive away from me & auction closed & offered back to me, for NZ$100 less, so NZ$1600, about $1185 USD. Theres only one on ebay a Nikon AIS at moment for same price so maybe the price is ok. Theres no way I can try it out at moment unless he relists it so think I'll wait for the moment.

The person I met who had this lens had a saying. "The more photos you take, the more money you make".
He was from Taiwan traveling thru New Zealand. We spent an afternoon at Arrowtown near Queenstown & he took 10 rolls of film, Velvia. He was catering to tourist souvenir shops & his idea was to earn $1 from each item but to sell minimum 1000 items & upto 5-10,000 items. A year later his cards were in the shops here. One photo on one side of every card & 52 or 54 different photos on other side of cards. He was doing fridge magnets with pic & other things too. Interesting...


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Am I correct in thinking that this is optically the same lens as Tokina 28-70 2.6-2.8 or not?


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Am I correct in thinking that this is optically the same lens as Tokina 28-70 2.6-2.8 or not?
There has been much discussion regarding this as to whether the original optical design of the lens was licenced by Tokina or whether they simply emulated it. Apparently performance was similar. I used both the f2.6-2.8 lens for a couple years when first introduced as well as its successor, the constant f2.8 version. Both were good but had some weekness at the wide end where it has to be stopped down considerably to acheive sharp corners. Its also varied by sample. All three of these lenses were at the forefront of optical design for zoom lenses at the time.

For either Tokina version I wouldn't pay too much and as for the original, I think its high price is more due to its historical value and earlier reputation than anything else.