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Anyone cut the nose off the Nikon?


New member
I have no use for the pop-up flash on my Nikon D800E and the housing for this protrudes out over the aperture ring on my Zeiss lenses so that I have trouble seeing what aperture they are set at.

I was thinking of having the pop-up flash removed and the 'nose' with the large Nikon name in white cut off so that I can see the aperture ring.

Has anyone done this?


Sr. Administrator
Staff member
You can't be serious, but in case you are... I would say it would be cheaper to switch to ZF.2 versions of your lenses, and then you see the aperture in your viewfinder AND can select it with the Nikon command wheel. Cutting the nose off will probably not be doable since there's electric wire looms and circuits tucked in there, and then it will open your camera guts to the elements; it will definitely kill the value of your body by half or more. Way cheaper (and wiser) to make the ZF to ZF.2 switch IMHO...


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I was definitely thinking of the ol' dog, I just couldn't find your pictures of your 5D with shaved mirror :D


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Try it and post the results.


Just make sure the capacitor is discharged or you may be in for a shock...
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