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Behind the scenes


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This is in the Hells Hollow part of McConnell’s Mill. I do live literally just over the border, it’s a mile down the road. Name a place & time and I’ll be there.

dj may

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After reading the good comments about Hejnar Photo rails, clamps, etc. I decided to give them a try. Since I was visiting the U.S. November 2023, I ordered a variety of products that I could pick up while there. This setup consists of Hejnar horizontal rail, vertical rail and clamps. The horizontal rail is clamped on the A-S Core 75 Leveler, which is mounted on Gitzo Systematic 5 XL. A RSS ball head takes care of the vertical panning, which I have since replaced with a Novoflex Q 48. This will be in my backpack from now on, and the ball head is retired. The ball head had also served a purpose when I needed more tilt than the Core 75 could provide. The difference in weight between the Hejnar/Novoflex setup and the ball head alone is 150 grams. I highly recommend Hejnar.
Leica S3, APO-Macro-Summarit-S 120. About 14 images stitched.


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Early bird gets the waterfall while also avoiding other people ;)

Image processed with a basic run through Phocus Mobile 2 iPad until I can get home and look at the remaining shots on my main computer. Have consolidated my kit down to a manageable small backpack. Even room for the Z8 and a couple of small adapted lenses for a behind the scenes shot.