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Best value for money auto focus lens for the Nex system?



In your opinion what is the best auto focus lens for the NEX system value for money wise?
Found an article here that says the Sigma 30mm F2.8 is but would like to hear your thoughts on this.
Please post photos taken with lens you think to be the best value for money lens.


New member
I'm very happy with my Sigma 30, but "best" is a slippery concept. You may want to look at the images posted in the dedicated Sigma 30 thread for samples and decide for yourself.


New member
You have to weigh your preferences. I prefer the focal length and size of the Sigma 30, so I sold my Zeiss 24 after using if for a while, but the Zeiss is faster and wider, so it just depends on what you want. The Sigma my be a little sharper overall, but I doubt you're printing to a size where that matters.


New member
if you want a basic zoom, the 18-55 lens that can come in the NEX kit is worth it especially when it is purchased in a kit. The OSS works good, and it gives a good starting range for both still and video,


Is the black version better than the silver? :p

Sony are presumably going to release the 18-200 zoom in black and without the bling.


New member
not sure if black is better than silver, but on the nex 7 the black 18-55 is a good looker.

Would like sony to bring out a fast zoom, say a 18-55 or similar with constant aperture 4.0 or better would be nice.


In terms of value for money, the kit zoom can't be beat, IMHO. It is exceptionnally cheap in kit form, and its performance puts it on top of the kit zoom pile. Sure, it is not as good as a top prime costing 50 x more. But it does deliver good pictures, good enough to be posted on a photo board without screaming "El Cheapo!"
That is not to say that there ar eno other lenses offering very good value for money at other price points...